• Our Locations

    Susan Smith Mediation offers a choice of locations for civil mediations.  Mediations are available anywhere in BC, and Canada, as the parties may agree.  Traditional venues include hotels and court reporter’s offices in Vancouver. Mediations are also available at the Nita Lake Lodge located on a beautiful lake in Whistler, 90 minutes north of Vancouver.



    In Vancouver, mediations can be held at any private location including the Wedgewood Hotel, Charest Reporting, Reportex Agencies, or any other location the parties may agree.



    Parties may choose a fresh approach and decide to mediate at a scenic location in Whistler.  Whistler is an attractive alternative to the traditional urban setting, and is only 90 minutes drive from Vancouver on the Olympic highway.  Mediation rooms are available at the Nita Lake Lodge, located on the beautiful shores of Nita Lake in Whistler Creekside (see photos below).  Reduced rates for overnight accommodation are available for parties who wish to spend time in Whistler, and reservations can be made as part of your mediation package, or by calling (604) 966-5700 or by visiting the Nita Lake Lodge website.