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    How To Contact Us, Susan Smith Mediation

    How To Get Started, and Schedule A Civil Mediation

    • Civil mediations can be scheduled by contacting Susan Smith Mediation by email or telephone (see Contact Us above)
    • Mediations are normally scheduled during business hours, but may also be scheduled on weekends or evenings
    • Prior to a mediation beginning, all parties must sign an Agreement to Mediate (see the Agreement to Mediate sections under this Tab).  Susan Smith Mediation will explain and review the Agreement to Mediate with all parties before signing
    • All parties are responsible for payment of the costs of mediation, including the mediator’s fees, mediation room, catering, taxes, and any cancellation fees
    • Parties normally share the mediation costs equally, however the parties may decide on other sharing arrangements
    • Cancellation fees will apply if a mediation is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled date
    • Parties may return the signed an Agreement to Mediate or Agreement to Mediate Online to Susan Smith Mediation, prior to the scheduled mediation